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What is Public Service induction?

Public Service Induction is a mandatory process that new employees in the public service sector go through to familiarize themselves with the values, principles, policies and procedures that guide the work of the public service. It aims to ensure that all employees have a common understanding of their roles and responsibilities and are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver effective and efficient services to the public. The induction may include training sessions, presentations, and interactive workshops.

Why is this important?

Because it gives PNG personnel a general understanding of the government’s principles, culture, and policies, public service induction is crucial. This aids new hires in comprehending their position, duties, and the ways in which their services inside their particular organizations might benefit Papua New Guinea. Additionally, induction fosters a sense of belonging and support for workers in their new workplace, which can enhance performance, retention, and job satisfaction. A well-designed induction program can also assist firms in making sure that staff members are informed of pertinent laws, rules, and procedures and follow them.

Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance is the only institute in Papua New Guinea to provide this quick training that qualifies and certifies current and former public servant employees as public servants of the PNG Government.

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  1. Peter Gimots. Jr

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    My name is Peter Gimots. Jr and I work as a Liaison Officer under the Project Development & Coordination Division of the Department of Mineral and Energy Resources (DOMER), Autonomous Bougainville Government. I resumed on 8th August 2021 on a Short Term Contract (STC) basis and have been renewing my STC for about 1 year 8 months until present. However, the Gazettal for the Internal Advertisement of the positions have already been out and as an occupant of the position under STC, I will apply to be confirmed.

    Therefore, I am interested to apply for the Public Service Induction course in order to orient myself with key government legislations, policies and the public service general orders in order my role and the department’s overall objective as the governments corporate strategic plans.

    I kindly request for a correspondence from your office to assist me with further information of course schedule, fees and lodging. Please reply to my email provided below so I could plan and prepare for this course.

    Thank you. Regards.

    Peter Gimots. Jr

  2. Jonn Kumb

    Hello Sir,
    I am a Training Officer attached with WHPHA and we will be planning a Public Servants Induction Training for all our new and old employees who have not been inducted.
    So we want to find out the cost for your induction Program?
    Please send us the cost?
    John Kumb

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