This division was established to provide both an avenue to address the training and capacity building requirements as a result of the Government’s policy directions to address human resources capabilities in ethical leadership, governance and managerial issues and to provide products to address these areas.

The Centre has programs developed for the District Development Authority concerns and is working on a suite of short programs for full qualifications. There are programs developed also to address the issues related to ethical and inclusive leadership and management at all levels of the PNG public service sector.

The programs, whether issuing a full qualification, are all geared towards addressing the issues of ethical, values-based leadership, and gender equality/social inclusion principles.

There are 6(six) full qualifications on offer.



Bachelor of Business Management in Human Resource Management (Professional Studies).


Diploma in Accounting
Diploma in Public Administration
Diploma in Local Government Management
Diploma in Leadership & Governance
Diploma in Human Resource Management

Full details of these programs can be accessed by contacting the following.