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A total of eight primary school teachers from NCD and Gulf who registered for PILAG’s piloted short course “Microsoft Excel” completed their one-week training today with a sense of relief for a new start.
The Short Course is specifically designed for primary school teachers to help them to understand and utilise MS Excel when working on students assessment reports.
Course Coordinator, Mr. Herman Mafo told the participants that they will no longer do manual assessment as it takes up so much time in marking papers and recording the marks for over 400 students. This training has taught the eight participants that there is an easier way of recording student assessments without so much work being put into it.
One of the participants, Mrs. Margaret Rapea, a senior subject mistress for Phillip Aravure Primary school said the student assessment and report is one task that keeps teachers up at night and makes teachers restless given the huge number of students they have been dealing with. She said this training has been helpful to relief them from their workload.
Another participant, Ms. Anna Toruea, the Assessment Coordinator for St. Therese Catholic Primarry School said she will take the training back to her colleagues and train them on how to use MS Excel. She said this training has lifted a weight off her shoulder and she believes her colleagues around the country will feel the same if they wish to take up the short course on MS Excel.
Meanwhile the CEO for PILAG, Mr. Michael Barobe told the participants that they made the right choice by choosing PILAG for their trainings. He reminded the participants that PILAG has now become the point of entry for anyone who wants to be a public servant and this training is as equally as important as other training programs offered by PILAG.
The Microsoft Excel Training is expected to roll out to the Momase Region this month.