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The Year 2020 has been a very difficult and unforgettable year in recent human history, filled with deaths, regrets, and missed opportunities for global businesses and communities alike. The PNG Government and our bilateral aid partners have had to reallocate and redistribute limited resources to fight the global Covid-19 Pandemic. As a result, PILAG and others in the social sector have had to compete for a slice of a very limited resource envelope. It was not easy.

In the midst of all the doom and gloom that has surrounded us, and in spite of the very heavy toll on human lives, the true human spirit of endurance and perseverance has railed to fight back and the families have found a reason to celebrate at this time.

By the grace of God, our country has been spared the worst effects of the razing global pandemic that has now left millions in the first world nations jobless and threatens their very survival. In fact, millions in advanced economies will soon be needing aid support for the bare essentials of life like food and water. The effects of the pandemic in PNG are not as graphic as in the first world nations, but nevertheless obvious. With a true spirit of grit, determination and perseverance, the Government and its agencies, businesses and the people of this country have reached the end of a very challenging year.

On a brighter note, I am very optimistic that the lessons learnt from the past year will hold each of us in good stead to review and realign our goals and objectives and approach the new year with renewed sense of focus, energy and courage to achieve greater things for ourselves and this great nation.

At PILAG, we are satisfied that 2020 has been a year of consolidation and conciliation, of getting the fundamentals of our business right and building plenty of support and goodwill amongst our key stakeholders, in preparation for what we believe will be an exciting year of opportunities and challenges.

We are ready to support the Government agenda of sub-national socio-economic empowerment with innovation and modern teaching and learning products and services. We are ready to partner with our stakeholders in the public and private domains to deliver competency-based training that will build and enhance the public service capacity to deliver goods and services. We are ready to work with our stakeholders to identify their own capacity constraints and training intervention needs. We deliver modern flagship programs in leadership, in partnership with SP Brewery Foundation Limited that is intended to transform the public service leadership mantle. Exciting times ahead!

On behalf of our Board, Management & Staff, I take this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate all the goodwill and support that you and your organization have graciously extended to PILAG and I extend to you a very warm invitation to join us again on another exciting and fulfilling journey into 2021 band beyond as we join hands in the common quest empowering the public service and contributing to creating a bigger, better and brighter future for our children and this great nation.

Let me now take this time to wish you and your beloved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2021.